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Why Countrycooking!

Here I am with my blog which I finally realized with the help of a couple of friends and familiars who encouraged me and taste my inventions and cooking trials everyday. In this blog I want to transmit my love for the country, for my kitchen and for my big family who needs to be feeded everyday with healthy, nourishing and tasty food! My aim is to show the possibility of better eating-habits in everyday’s life, trying to avoid “pre-cooked food” - sometimes full of preservatives and additives – and preparing home-made food with first quality ingredients, without spending a lot of money for shopping. I will demonstrate how to bake bread and cakes, to prepare home-made cheese, yogurt and many other recipes, simply starting from a good flour or from fresh farmer’s milk and, if you like, I will tell you where to find these items. After many researches and many crazy trials I’d like to join my passion with you, hoping to improve my skills with the tips coming from people, more expert than me, who’ll like to share their secrets. During these last years I’ve collected many suggestions from well prepared people, with particular reference to Ligurian regional cooking. I’ve cooked recipes which I’d never imagined I was able to, especially ten years ago: from hand-made pasta to bread and focaccia (my passion), up to boar, rabbit and lobster, and, after a cooking lesson, even “cappon magro” (a typical Genoese course made with fish and vegetables … soon on this website). I want to thank everyone who taught me something and everyone who shared their secrets in famous blogs and websites which are now my benchmarks and source of inspiration, amongst all and (in my opinion the best cooking forum you can find online). This is what I want to do with you: to share, to share, to share! Starting from my home, without arrogance, but with the desire to transmit my love for the country ‘round me, the enthusiasm I have everyday while I’m working in my kitchen, the joy to share all these things with my husband Giacomo, with my kids Camilla, Francesco, Lorenzo, Maria and with our nanny Victoria, a good cook too, who has been so crazy to come from Vienna to live one year with us

Welcome to Countrycooking!

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